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James Bonsack would invent the cigarette making machine in 1881. He would call is invention the Bonsack's cigarette machine. This machine could make 120,000 cigarettes a day. He would go in business with James Buck Duke son of Washington Duke who was credited for the first commercial hand rolled cigarettes. They built a factory and made 10 million cigarettes their first year. Their first brand was packaged in a box with a baseball card.

Below are photos of cigarettes boxes.

cigar  20

Box 1 Parlianient Benson & Hedges New York.

Box 2 Craven A. Virginia Cigarettes (manufactured in the USA for London England).

Box 3 Gardeuia Benson & Hedges.

Box 4 Helmar Cigarettes S. Anargyros New Jersey.

Box 5 Salome Ideal Cigarettes Rosedor Cigarettes Co. New York 1924.

Box 6 Lord Salisbury North Carolina.

Below are cigarettes card with were put in cigarettes boxes for smokers to collect. These card are from the W. Dukes & Co. New York- Durham NC.

cigar 21

References :

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