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James A Jackson, Paris S. Pfouts and James McQ. Douglas were in business in Saint Louis in the upper 1860s. They were selling wholesale groceries and liquors. They would introduce Celebrated Home Stomach Bitters. In. October of 1870 Jackson's private Die Stamp was issued till April of 1875. The company was now called the Jas. A. Jackson & Co. Wholesale grocer's and importers of wines and liquors and the proprietor of the Celebrated Home Stomach Bitters. The company was located at 105 & 107 Second Street St. Louis, Mo. In April of 1875 The Home Bitters Company took over from Jas. A Jackson & Co. and was now called The Home Bitters Company. They were located at 213 North Second Street St. Louis. C. F. Shultz was president and Geo S. Shryock was Sec. and Treas.

There are many variants of Home Bitters. Below are just a few. The first photo is embossed HOME BITTERS // JACKSON, PFOUTS // & DOUGLAS. Courtesy of ebay.

home 5

home bitters 1.home bittrs 2

Above are photos of the HOME BITTERS // JAS. A. JACKSON & CO. / PROPRIETORS // SAINT LOUIS. MO (with 2 dots under MO).

Below is a HOME BITTERS // HOME BITTERS / COMPANY // PROPIETORS / ST LOUIS, MO. This bottle was perilously embossed with something else. The lettering was removed and Home Bitters Company was added on one panel and Proprietors / St Louis, Mo. on the other panel.

home bitter1.home bitters 5.home bitters

The Home Bitters Company also produced Prof. Camerson's Blackberry Cordial, The Celebrated London Juniper Cordial and The Home Sanative Cordial.

Below is a photo of a die stamp.

home bitters stamp


Lincoln County Herald March 28, 1872.

Bitters Bottles by Carlyn Ring & W. C. Ham.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

home a..home b

home d..home e

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