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Dr. C. W. Roback was a self-proclaimed doctor. He was a Swedish immigrant which come to America to escape debtor's prison. In 1855 he introduced several proprietor medicines. His first was the Scandinavian Blood Purifier. By 1866 he introduced his Scandinavian Stomach Bitters. This bitters bottle was in the shape of a barrel. At this time all his medicines were distributed by Demas Barnes. Demas Barnes was just a wholesaler in medicines in New York City at this time. The successor to Dr. Roback was a Prince Walton & Co who became the sole proprietor. This company was located at East Third Street Cincinnati, Ohio. The United States Proprietary Medicine Company also of Cincinnati took over the business in 1866 and was located at the same address from above. In 1866 Dr. Roback now is listed in the Cincinnati City Directory as a "Manufacturer of Fine Cut and Smoking Tobacco. He would die in 1867.

There are three variants and two sizes of these barrels. The barrel is embossed DR. ROBACK'S / STOMACH BITTERS / CINCINNATI, O. The bigger size is 10 inches tall and the smaller size is 9 3/8 inches tall. The photo below is the smaller size.

roback 1.roback stamp

roback print.roback ad

The amber color barrels are common and the greens and apricot barrels are very rare.

By the end of 1871 F. E. Suire & Company took over the United States Medicine Company. By July of 1874 J. S. Burdsal acquired Roback's Blood Pills. It's not certain if he took over the bitters.

Other Dr. Robacks Medicines were DR. ROBACKS SWEDISH REMEDY C. W. ROBACK M.D., DR. ROBACK'S SCANDINAVIEN BLOOD PURIFIER CINCINNATI OHIO and DR C W ROBACK'S SCANDINAVIAN BLOOD PORELY VEGETALE DYSPEPESIA COMPLAINT. There are two variants of this bottle. One is an iron pontil. The ROBACK'S BLOOD PILLS were sold in a box with wrappers sealed in wax.

Below are some tax stamps.

robacks stamps

Below is a photo of the larger size collectors call the fat boy. This one has a red iron pontil.

roback red iron pontil

roback red iron pontil base

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robacks a.roback 4

roback lot of 3

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