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Listed in the 1855 Boston city Directory is a Cyrus Baker and a Joseph F. Baker as grocers located at 105 Fulton Street Boston, Mass. Ten years later in the 1865 the Boston City Directory is listing a Cyrus Baker, Peter Jr. Baker, Erastus Baker and Joseph F. Baker as grocers located at 107 Commercial Street Boston, Mass.

By 1870 Peter Jr. is no longer listed as a grocer. Cyrus, Erastus and Joseph is still listed as grocers and still located at 107 Commercial Street.

In 1885 Cyrus Baker & J. F. is listed as ship chandlers and Joseph F. Baker ( C. & J. F. Baker) along with Mrs. Josiah Baker as a clerk. All three located at the address of 107 Commercial Street. I could not find any other listing for the C. & J. F. Baker Grocers after 1885.

Below are photos of their bottle. It's a square shape with roped corners. The embossing reads BAKER'S / ORANGE GROVE // BITTERS. This example is a shade amber of color. There are also shades yellow and puce colors. You can collect quite a color run on these bottles.

baker grove 1.baker grove 2

The labeled example indicates "This is a pleasant tonic which is recommended by physicians in their everyday practice. Its combination stands ahead of the world as a bitters".


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Bitters Bottle by Carlyn Ring & W. C. Ham.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

bakers a

bakers b

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