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Listed below are just some of the products that were needed to preserve food when using fruit jars for canning. You had rubber sealing rings for glass and metal lids, strips of wax for sealing wax sealer jars, wax sealer tin lids and zinc caps. There were many different companies that produced these products. Part 2 consists of other items that were need for canning. Below are just a few photos of these items.

wax sealer wax

Zubian Sealing wax. Manufactured by The Dicks - Pontius Co. Dayton, Oh.

wax sealer tin lid

Set of three metal wax sealer lids.

bernardin lid

Bernardin . 63 Lids Narrow Mouth Bernardin Bottle Cap Co. Inc. Evansville, Indiana.

boyd lids

Genuine Boyd Mason Zinc Caps. MFG. CO. Hazel - Atlas Glass Co. Wheeling, W. VA.

atlas box 2......ball zinc caps

Atlas genuine Boyd Mason Zinc Caps and Ball Zinc Caps.

rubber jar opener.rubber jar opener 2

Daisy Fruit Jar Opener patented July 25, 1933 by C. A. Schacht (made from a red color rubber).

truimph fruit jar wrench

Truimph Fruit Jar Wrench patented 1903.

the handy fruit jar wrench

The Handy Fruit Jar Wrench W. H. Schaefer Co. 1905.

fisher fruit jar holder

Fisher Canning Fruit Jar Lifter patent 1946. Hoffman Hinge & FDRY Jar Closure Cleveland, Oh.

hoffman jar wrench

Hoffman Jar Wrench.

jar opener 7

Miracle Vacuum Jar Cap / Lifter . the other just says Made in USA.

fruit jar lifter


Some pictures courtesy of ebay.

Frank & Frank Jr. Fruit Jar Collection.

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