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It is thought that Geo W. M. Reed was the proprietor of both Reed's Bitters and Reed's Gilt Edge Tonic. The bitters bottle is the shape of a lady's leg. This bottle is from 1865 to 1875 and come in the shades of amber. The tonic bottle is in the shape of a square and also come in shades of amber. This bottle is from 1878 to 1890s. The lady's leg bitters is a scarce bottle and the tonic bottle is common. A fellow collector, I know has a green in color Reed's Gilt Edge Tonic. This bottle I would say is extremely rare.

In the New Haven City directories from the 1870s is listing Geo. W. Reed Bitters Co. Also a listing in 1879 for a Reed, George W. M. & Co. ( George W. M. Reed and W. O. Flectcher) ales, wines and liquors 176 State House: 2 Home Place.

Below is a trade card.

reeds trade card 5. Sole agent for Reeds products.

reeds trade card 6. This address is 298 State Street.

Please note: We still can't say for 100% if George W. M. Reed had any part with Reed's Bitters. This is still speculation only.

Below are photos of the REED'S BITTERS- REEDS BITTERS

reeds lady leg 1..reeds lady leg 2

reeds lady leg 3

reed gilt.reed label..reed gilt ad

Below is a super rare 6 1/2 inch small size without the date 1878 embossed on it.

reed's tonic small 1

Above are photos of the REED"S GILT EDGE TONIC and also the label. Also an ad that was place in the Osage Valley Banner Newspaper on June 24 1880. Below is a trade card for Reed's Gilt Edge Tonic.

reed trade dard


Above are photos of clocks advertising Reeds Gilt Edge Tonic. There were several different styles of clocks produced.


Bitters Bottles by Carlyn Ring & W. C. Ham.

New Haven City Directories. Osage Valley Banner Newspaper June 24 1880.

Frank & Frank Jr.(Wicker) Bottle Collection.

reeds a

reeds b.reeds tonic small a

reeds gilt edge tonic two size a

reeds gilt edge tonic both size b

reeds gilt edge tonic both sizes c

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