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Dr. A. S. Hopkin was listed in the Hartford City Directories from 1882 to 1899 as the sole proprietor of Dr. A. S. Hopkins Union Stomach Bitters. The business was located at 138 Windsor Ave. in Hartford, Conn. A. S. Hopkin would die in 1899.

Roughly two year later in 1901 the business was sold to F. S. Amidon. The business would continue until 1919 which was the last year listed in the Hartford City Directory.

There are six variants of Dr. Hopkin's Union Stomach Bitters bottles. The earliest bottles do not have Hartford, Conn. embossed on them and come in the shades of amber and green.

The bottles that are from after 1901, the label reads successor F. S. Amidon. These bottles are more common and come in the shades of amber. F. S. Amidon also had a 4 ¾ sample size bottle which is quite rare.

Below are photos of a DR. A. S. HOPKIN'S UNION STOMACH BITTERS.

hopkin 1.

hopkins label 2. Here is a early label. Courtesy of GWA.

.hopkin label.Note the label says A. S. Amidon. Labeled bottle courtesy of ebay.


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hopkin a

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