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Dr. Henry Weis started a drug store sometime in the 1880s. His first drug business was located on Brown Street in Dayton, Ohio. Here he produced a bitters which he called Guard on the Rhine Stomach Bitters. The trade name was "Die Wacht Am Rhine" translated The Watch on the Rhine. The label was a photo of Henry Weis with his long beard.

His early bitters bottles were amber in color and 9 in tall square shaped embossed DR. HENRY F. WEIS MEDICINE CO. / GUARD ON THE RHINE / STOMACH BITTERS / DAYTON, OHIO which is rare and the other one is embossed THE DR. F. WEIS MEDICINE CO. / GUARD ON THE RHINE / STOMACH BITTERS / DAYTON, OHIO which is extremely rare.

The Dr. H. F. Weis Medicine Company filed for a patent on Sept 22, 1910 for his Guard on the Rhine now listed as a Dyspepsia Remedy. His business was listed as Drugs and Specialties now located at 706 South Wayne Street Dayton, Ohio.

Just some of the products listed for sale in 1910 were "Great Dropsy Remedy" and "Great Stomach Remedy along with many other remedies.

This business was run and operated by family members. In 1911 the incorporators were Dr. H. F. Weis, Chas F. Weis, H. L. Weis, Duke Weis, William F. Weis, J. C. Weis and George Wachter.

Below is a photo of their business which was located at 706 South Wayne Street in Dayton. This photo was taken after the big flood in 1913.

weis medicine company
Photo courtesy of Dayton Metro Library.

dr h weis sign

Below are photos of their later amber square bottle which is embossed THE WEIS BROS. / MEDICINE CO. / DAYTON, OHIO.

weis medicine


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weis medicine a

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