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Alexander C. Barry had a wig making business located on 137 Broadway Street in New York City. It is thought that he started selling his Tricopherous in the 1840s and by the 1850s this product would become his primary income. His Tricopherous business continued till 1870. He would sell his proprietorship to Thomas Barclay & Co. in 1871.

Alexander Barry in 1871 would involve himself in the general perfumery which was located at the same address of the Thomas Barclay & Co. He continued in general perfumery until 1877.

In 1877 Thomas Barclay took on a junior partner John Reuter from Brooklyn, New York. By the 1890s the company was known as the Reuter Barry Inc. Barclay & Barclay registered the trademark in 1906.

The Tricopherous product was the company's bestselling product which continued well into the turn of the century.

Below is a bottle wrapper. It reads that this product was for restoring, preserving and beautifying hair, eradicating scurf and dandruff. To prevent baldness and gray hair and curing diseases of the scalp. Also was used for stings, cuts, bruises and spines.

barrys ad wrapper

Below are photos of this early open pontil bottle embossed BARRY'S / TRICOPHEROUS FOR THE SKIN AND THE HAIR / NEW YORK / DIRECTION'S IN THE PAMPHLET.

barrys tricopherous bottle.barrys tricopherous bottle 2

barrys tricopherous bottle 3

Below are some other products from the company.

In 1877 Barry's Safe Hair Dye was introduced and was being sold into the mid 1880s.

In 1880 Barry's Black Hair Dye was introduced.

Sometime in the mid 1890s into the 1900s was Barry's Antiseptic Mixture and also Barry's Practical Hair Grower.

Below is a trade card for Barry's Tricopherous. Note the establish date of 1801 there is no record of this.

barrys tradecard

Below is an early tax stamp with Barry being the preprietary.

barrys  tricopherous stamp

Below is a tax stamp with Barclay & Co. from 1881.

barry tricopherous stamp 2


Frank & Frank Jr. Bottle Collection.

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