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The Mitchell, Fletcher Co. in time became the largest wholesale and retail grocery business in Philadelphia. The firm would have several locations in the city. Their first location was at 12th Chestnut Street then 18th Chestnut Street and 5703 Germantown Ave. This grocery was known for being a high class grocery and for carrying imported foods.

The first listing in the Philadelphia directory was in 1868. Listed as the Mitchell and Fletcher Company grocery located at 1204 Chestnut Street. By 1870 the company is listed as a grocery & wine dealer. The owners of the company were George L. Mitchell and George A. Fletcher. Uncertain the date a Samuel S, Thompson who was a major financier joined the company. The firm's name changed to the Mitchell, Fletcher & Co. Other partners later on with the company were John S. Engart, Engene T Barnes and Justice M Thompson.

Below is a newspaper ad. From the Evening Public Ledger February 18, 1918.

mitchell ad

The brand name the company used was called "Tramrick". This was probably on the label of their bottles. Below are photos of an amber square bottle embossed MITCHELL, FLETCHER & CO. // PHILADELPHIA.

mitchell 1.mitchell 2

Below is a letterhead from this company.

mitchell fletcher letterhead.Courtesy of ebay.

Below is a trade card from this company.

mitchell fletcher card.Courtesy of ebay.

Here is a little about George A Fletcher. He was born in Mass. On 1837 and would die in December 17 1902. In 1883 he had a well-known architect "Addison Hutton" involved in the construction of a newly built house. It was a Queen Anne style three and one half story brick home. The property that the house was built on Fletcher owned nearly a complete square city block. The address was at 216 North 34th Street in Philadelphia.

Here is a little about Samuel S. Thompson. He was born in 1834 and would die on December 10 1919. He was a very wealthy man being involved with The Mitchell, Fletcher & Co. Grocery. During his lifetime he was an officer and director of more than twenty businesses and a well-known philanthropist.


Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

Evening Public Ledger February 18, 1918.

mitchell a

mitchell b

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