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carl mampe display 2


In the early 1800s cholera was spreading through Germany rampant. Dr. Carl Mampe was the medical practitioner and Royal Prussian Privy Medical Councilor. He was brewing with alcohol and healing herbs mixed together to make his brandy stomach Bitter Drop which he sold in pharmacies. He started making his medicine in the 1830s in the city of Stargard, Pomerania. It was said that his Bitter drops may even bring the dead back to life.

Dr. Carl Mampe would soon stop making his cholera agent and donate his original recipe to his two step brothers Ferdinand Johnann and Carl Mampe. The company opened in 1835, in Stargard, Germany. The mark Ur-Mampe was created in 1835 and became as Stargader Mampe. Carl Mampe senior in 1852 would open a liquor factory in Koszalin, Pomeralin. Dr. Carl Mampe would die in 1857. Both Fredinand Johnann and Carl Mampe senior who ran two companies and were using the same recipe to produce there product. The two brothers had a disagreement, which started a family internal competition.

In 1877 Carl Mampe moved his family business to Berlin where he founded the Carl Mampe A. G. Company. Carl Mampe factory which was now in Berlin and his step brother Ferdinand Johnann, FJ Mampe Factory still located in Stargard, which was rebuilt in Hamburg after World War 2. The family competition lasted till the 1960s.

In 1894 Carl Mampe developed the famous Mampe Half and Half Liqueur. This liqueur due to its one hundred and thirty herbs was also known to give a stomachic effect.

carl mampe picture

Carl Mampe or in English Carl Gin. Died in February 10, 1899. Unfortunately he would not see the largest moment of his firms history. In April 30, 1904 The Worlds Exposition Fair was going on in St. Louis, Missouri. On this occasion liquor originating from Germany should attain worldwide reputation. The Orange bitter Likor Mampe Half & Half winning the distinguished grand prize. The Berliner Mampe-Kummel also being a gold medal winner in Buenous Aires 1910. This company lasted into the 1980s, making just a few products. The family business was sold and became Mampe Half and Half and Lufthansa cocktail under license by Berentzen Manufacture. Carl Mampes grave is to be found today in the Musician Cemetery, so called (The Sophiengemeinde Berlin) and represents the most important pilgrim place of the Mampejunger.

Below are photos of some Carl Mampe's bottles from the beginning till the end. You can see the many different styles, shapes and colors of these bottles. Even the many variants of the embossed elfphants and the differents sizes that were offered.

Most all of the embossed bottles had there famous trade mark of the Mampe Elephant. The early Carl Mampe bottles that were embossed had the street address of S.W. Halleschestrasse 17. This was the main factory address in Berlin. They might have had other factory sites in Berlin. We have two other embossed bottles with the address of Schutzmarke Veteranenstrasse 25 and also Veteranenstrasse 24. This address was six miles away from the main factory site.

Below are photos of some 8- sided rectangular bottles.

carl mampe 1a

carl mampe 3a

carl mampe 6a..carl mampe 7a

carl mampe 8a..carl mampe 9a

carl mampe 2a

carl mampe 4a..carl mampe 5a

..........................carl mampe sample Sample size..............................

Below are some photos of square bottles.

carl mampe 12a

carl mampe 23a
Five different sizes.

carl mampe 13a
Block lettering.

carl mampe 14a
Block lettering on shoulder.

carl mampe 15a
Script lettering on face.

carl mampe 16a

carl mampe 17a
Note Berlin and Hamburg. Also the date on the label of 1896

carl mampe 18a
Front label reads. Mampes Medical Bitters M.M.B. / Elephant (monogram of elephant) Brand / Trade Mark Berlin / Founded in 1852 in Berlin Germany. A preparation of Angostura bark and other herbs of medical value of agreeable flavor medical bitters are prescribed. Side label reads. Aromatic & delicate flavor. These bitters are free from harmful drugs and are composed of herbs of medical character. Dose half table spoonful in equal amount of water before meals. Sugar may be added to increase palatability; they may also be advantageously us as a flavoring for plum puddings, mock turtle soup, souses, grape fruit etc. The other side is in German.

carl mampe 19a..carl mampe 20a

carl mampe 21a..carl mampe 22a

carl mampe 24a Sample size 2 inches in height.

Another small sample size in a different lip treatmant.

carl mampe berlin x

Newer amber squares.

carl mampe

carl mampe 55a
This 1970s bottle is a remake from the past .

carl mampe 27a..carl mampe 28a

There are bottles that are embossed with the words Berlin and Danzig. The city of Danzig and East Prussia were separated from Germany just after World War 1.

Below are some photos of square with rounded shoulder.

carl mampe 10a

Both bottle are embossed with Berlin and Danzig. The apple green bottle does not have a elephant embossed.

carl mampe 11a


Below are some photos of lady leg bottles.

carl mampe 29a
Both are embossed with Berlin and Danzig.

Another sample lady leg without Danzig embossed.

carl mampe sample lady leg

carl mampe 30a..carl mampe 31a

carl mampe 56a
Lot of 5 embossed with Berlin and Danzig.

Two more with Danzig embossed.

carl mampe danzig h


Below are some photos of 6-sided bottles.

carl mampe 32a

carl mampe 33a..carl mampe 34a


Below are some photos of flask bottles.

carl mampe 35a

carl mampe 36a

carl mampe 37a


Below are some photos of older round bottles.

carl mampe 45a
The first bottle is embossed with Belin and Danzig.

carl mampe 46a..carl mampe 47a

carl mampe 48a..carl mampe 49a


Below are some newer round bottles.

carl mampe 50a
The green bottles are embossed with mampe Berlin only.

carl mampe 51a

mampe_label_halb. Lable


Below are some photos of 8-sided square bottles.

carl mampe 38a

carl mampe 39a..carl mampe 40a


Below is a kummel bear figural bottle with a carl mampe label.

carl mampe 41a..carl mampe 42a


Below is a figural pottery glazed elephant.

carl mampe 43a

carl mampe 44a

Blow is a pottery mampe bottle.
mampe pottery 2.mampe pottery 2
Below is a newer round bottle with no elephant embossed.

carl mampe 53a

Below is a sample bottle.

carl mampe clear sample 1..carl mampe clear sample 2

Below is a figural car.

mampe car 1

mampe car 2

Below is a newer sample box.

carl mampe mini

The Mampe Company in the early days to there closure were big on marketing their products. They donated two dwarf elephants name Carl and the other Mampe to the Berlin Zoo. The business seemed to always flourish having new products on the market. In the 1930s over 70 different varieties were served on Zeppelin flights. In the 1960s and 1970s they were big sponsors of auto racing.

Below are photos of some go withs form the Carl Mampes liquor empire.

carl mampe 54a
These plastic elephants would be tide around the neck of some bottles.

mampe_poster A lithogragh poster from around 1910.

mampe_ceramic A ceramic display piece which would have held a round bottle.

mampe pfennig Carl Mampe tokens.

carl mampe stamp 1..carl mampe stamp 2

carl mampe stamp 3..carl mampe stamp 4

carl mampe stamp 5
Letter seal mark stamps from 1910 to 1915.

mampe stamp 7.mampe stamp 8

CARL MAMPE STAMP 1939. 1939.

carl mampe trade mark. Trademark.

mampe booklet 50-60. Booklet 1950s-1960s.

mampe mini jug 1.mampe mini jug 2
Mampe mini jug.

The business also owned several restaurants all called Mampes Gutu Stube. The Most famous of which was at Kurfurstendamm 14/15 Berlin. The restaurant closed in 1986.

Below are photos of some post cards of the famous Mampes Gute Stube Parlors in Germany.

mampe stube 1
1913 Berlin.

mampe stube 2
1924 Kurfurstendamm

mampe stube 3
1914 Berlin.

mampe stube 4
1924 Berlin.

mampe stube 5

mampe stube 6
1958 Berlin

mampe stube 7
1945 Kurfurstendamm.

mampe tube 8

mampe photo card 3
1907 Berlin.

mampe stube 10 Mampe Halb & Halb at the dinner table.

mampe stube 14

mampe stube 15
Hamburg 1915.

mampe stube 16

mampe trade card 1917.1917


Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

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