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There is very little known about Stewart D. Howe. He was a proprietor of medicines located at Chambers Street New York City. In 1866 he would become the proprietor of Duponco's Golden Periodical Pills and had a design approved for a 4 cent private revenue die stamp.

howe stamp 1

This stamp was not issued until 1870. Howe sold this product to the Kidder, Wetherill & Company in 1873.

howe stamp 2

The first issue of his Arabian Milk Cure and his Arabian Tonic Blood Purifier private revenue die stamp was issued in October 1871. This stamp continued until September 4 1882 with almost a quarter million stamps issued.

The Arabian Milk Cure was for treating consumption and diseases of the throat, chest and lungs.

Below are photos of his Stewart D. Howe's / Arabian Tonic Blood Purifier / New York.

howes tonic 1

howes tonic 2.howe tonic 3

Below are ads for this product.

howes ad

howe ad 3

howe ad 4.The Daily Saratogiamm June 5, 1874.


Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection. No longer have.

howes tonic a

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