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A. H. ROOT & CO.
This is thought to be the earlest soda bottle from Kendallville. This bottle is a hutchinson style bottle enbossed A. H. ROOT & CO. KENDALLVILLE. IND. No other data on this bottle.
Below are photos of this bottle pint size bottle courtesy of Dennis Easterday.

a h root

Richard E. Fullerton was born in 1861. He started brewing in the late 1880s. Its listed that Fullerton and Neubauer as brewing in Jordan Minn. but the starting date is unknown. The book The Bottles, Breweriana and Advertising Jugs of Minnesota Vol 1 lists R. E. Fullerton as brewing in 1892 to 1894 in Jordan. He sold this company in 1894 and would move to Albert Lee, Freeport County, Minn. in 1896. This is were he would start bottling soda. Below is a pint size Hutchinson soda bottle Embossed Richard E. Fullerton Albert Lee Minn. in a slugplate.

fullerton lee.fullerton lea a

Around 1900 he would move His Family to Kendallville, Indiana and would start bottling soda at the address of 225 S. Railroad St. While bottling soda in Kendallville he would use a Pint size and a Quart size Hutchinson style bottle embossed Richard E. Fullerton Kendallville, Ind. in a slugplate. Below is a picture of one of his pint size bottles.

fullerton 3.fullerton 3a

These bottles were either clear, aqua and teal green.

fullerton d.fullerton 3a

This quart size in aqua courtesy of Dennis Easterday. This bottle is 9 5/8 inches tall. Embossed Richard Fullerton / Kendallville, Ind. ( in a slug plate )

In 1910 Mr. Fullerton was listed in the Indiana State board of Health as a maker of summers drinks. He was making Strawberry, orange, cherry, lemon sodas. When he quit using the Hutchinson soda bottle he went to the crown cap style. The bottle was embossed Richard E. Fullerton Kendallville, Ind. in a slugplate. Below is a picture of one of his bottles.

fullerton 1.fullerton 1a

fullerton e.fullerton e a

This quart size in aqua courtesy of Dennis Easterday. This bottle is 10 1/2 inches tall. Embossed This bottle owned / and filled by / Richard E. Fullerton / Kendallville, Ind. (in a slug plate) / This bottle is never to be sold.

Richard E. Fullerton’s son Floyd was working in the families business with his father. According to the 1911 American Bottler Floyd Fullerton son of Richard E. Fullerton of Kendallville, Ind. while working in his fathers bottling works on July 25, 1911 had his left arm severely cut. He was in the act of filling a pop bottle when it exploded striking him in the arm. This would cut a deep gash in his arm. He stated "that it was very painful and he could not use his arm for many days." He was sixteen years old at the time. Floyd was born in Feb 21, 1895 in Jorden Minn. In the Kendallville City Directory of 1916 it is listed that Floyd Fullerton was a soft drink manufacturer. The embossing on the bottle now had the word son add. Below is a picture of the newest of there bottles. It now is embossed R. E. Fullerton & Son Kendallville, Ind. in a

fullerton 2.fullerton 2 a

There is also a Seltzer bottle with the words Richard Fullerton Kendallville, Ind. Frosted on the bottle. It is unknown when this bottle was made. I have only seen one of these bottles before. Below are photos of this bottle courtesy of Dennis Easterday.
The bottle with topper is 11 1/4 tall. ..

fullerton a.fullerton b.fullerton c

The last listing of Richard or his son Floyd being a Soda maker and Bottler was in 1922. Fullerton sold the compant to Geo. J. Trombold in 1922.

There is no information about Geo. J. Trombold besides purchasing the company from Fullerton in 1922. The next directory is from 1926-1927 and he is not listed along with no soda bottling company. Below are photos of this bottle embossed Geo. J. Trombold Kendallville, Ind. 6 1/2 fl. (embossed on base G. J. T. )

trombold.trombold 2

The Kendallville Bottling Works is first listed in the Kendallville Directory in 1929. The proprietor of the firm was Jay S. Brechbill and the company was located on 330 N. Summit Street. Listed in the 1931 Kendallville directory now lists a I. S. Brechbill as the Proprietor and now located on Sargent Street. Also in 1935 as I. S. located on N. Summit Street. Most likely a typing mistake. Below are photos of this 6 1/2 fl. bottle embossed Kendallville Bottling Works Kendallville, Ind.

kendallvile soda 1.kendallville soda 2

Listed in the September 1938 Kendallville Directory lists E .N. Miller proprietor Guy Miller Kendallville Bottling Works located on 330 N. Summit Street. The company is listed in the directories up to 1958 . The 1959 thur 1962 directories are missing from the library.

In the 1963 Kendallville is listing a Don Hyland as the owner of the Kendallville Bottling Works still list at the address of 330 N. Summit Street. He is listed until the company closed in 1968. which is the last year the firm is listed. Below are photos of these deco style bottles. There are three kinds of the same bottle with just the name differents. The first photo is embossed Miller the second is embossed Kendallville and the third bottle is embossed Rainbow. All say Kendallville, Ind.

kville soda 2..kville 3a

kville soda 1..kville soda 1a

kville soda 3..kville soda 2a


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lot of 3 fullerton 1a

lot of 4 fullerton 1a

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