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The interesting thing about these bottles are that the Hops & Malt Bitters Company which was located on 136 Larnest West Street Detroit, Mich. and the Rochester Medicine Company located at No 14 Mills Street Rochester, New York used the same bottles.

According to the Goodwin Drug Catalog this Bitters is listed as early as 1876. The earliest that I could find advertising was 1882.

The Rochester Medicine Company from Rochester, New York I could only find this company listed in the Rochester Directory from 1882. Also the same directory lists an advertisement.

Below is an ad from the 1882 Rochester Directory.

hops & malt bitters ad rochester

Below is a trade card.

hp malt trade card 3

The Hops & Malt Bitters Company from Detroit, Mich. advertised heavily in the Michigan Weekly Expositor Newspaper from the years of 1883 thur 1886.

Below are some ads from the Michigan Weekly Expositor Newspaper.

hop malt ad detroit.hop malt ad detroit

hops & malt detroit 2

Below is a trade card.

hop malt trade card .hopmalt trade card 2

Below are photos of these bottles. This amber 9 ½ inch tall semi cabin bottle is embossed HOPS & MALT / TRADE ( motif sheaf of grain) MARK / BITTERS. HOPS / & / MALT / BITTERS on all four roof panels. Listed as very scarce.

hops & malt 1.hops & malt bitters 2

hops & malt bitters 3...hops & malt label

Here is a more bolder embossing.

hops & malt label 2

Here is another label.

hop & maalt bitters label 2

There is a 3 5/8 tall sample size bottle also. This is listed as very rare.



Rochester City Directories.

Bitters Bottle by Carlyn Ring & W. C. Ham.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

hops & malt bitters 1a

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