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On February 21, 1905 a trademark was issued for the word Telephone (concerning fruit jars) it was registered to the Whitney Glass Works from Glassboro, New Jersey for a new line of fruit jars called the "Telephone".

Whitney Plant Number 1 was where the Telephone Jars were made.

The Whitney glass Works was established in 1775.

These jars were offered in the sizes of 1 pint, 1 quart and half gallon and in the colors of clear, aqua, sky blue and apple green.

June 6 1912 was the last year that Whitney was listed as the maker of these jars. The New York Tribune reported that a fire which started in the number 1 factory would destroy the building which the Telephone jars were being produced.

Below are some ads for these jars.

telephone ad 1.May 5, 1906

telephone ad 2. From 1908 Ladies Home Journal.

telephone ad 3. Price list from the Rahway, New Jersey Herald Newspaper.

Below are photos of a 1 quart jar.

telephone jar.telephone jar 2


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Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Fruit Jar Collection. No longer have.

telephone jar 1a

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