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While gathering information about this company I found conflicting information.

Story 1
Robert Morrison and Jonathan W. Plummer established a wholesale drug business in Richmond, Indiana in 1873. Three years later in 1876 they would move their wholesale drug company to Chicago, Ill. to the former Burnham Wholesale Drug Company building. This was located at 52 Lake Street. Robert Morrison would be the president and Jonathon Plummer would become the treasure. Robert Morrison would pass away in 1888. Upon his death Jonathon Plummer would become president of the firm and leaving the companies name the same. Plummer's sons Joseph and John were clerks and his wife Mary was the book keeper. The company also had a second location. This was where their labortory was located and where the wholesale drug were made. The address of this location was Armitage and Paulina Ave's. The company would eventully move to Randolph Street.

References for this information- Jonathon Wright Plummer: Quaker Philanthropy by Elizabeth Warren.

Story 2 Conflicting info.
At the turn of the century Robert Morrison's son James would become president of the company. This firm would employ around 300 people in 1915. The company would merge with Charles Fuller to become the Fuller - Morrison Co. In the 1930s the firm would join the Mckesson & Robbins Co. to form the Mckesson-Fuller-Morrison Co.

References: for this information-

Below are photos of one of their bottles. It is embossed Morrison, Plummer & Co. Chicago. The color is dark green and the height is 7 1/2 inchs.

morrison, plummer 1.morrison plummer 2


Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

morrison plummer 1a.morrison plummer 2a

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