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These historical flasks were made at several different glassworks between 1860-1875. They came in the sizes ranging from 1/2 pint, pint and quart sizes. One side of these flasks have an embossed clasped hands inside a shield with stars above the shield. This stands for clasped in union friendship. The other side has a eagle flying.

Most of these flasks have 13 stars with the exception of GXII-9, GXII-17 and GXII-29. These have 11 stars. The GXII-38 have 14 stars and the GXII-38A have 19 tiny stars.

On 8 of these GXII flasks there is a embossed cannon, cannon balls and a american flag instead of the eagle.

On the GXII-36 flask it has a larel wreath of 3 rows of veins between loops instead of the eagle.

Below are some of the glassworks which produced these flask.

GXII-2- Waterford Glassworks Waterford N.J.

GXII-1, GXII-21 AND GXII-22- A& Co. Adams & Co.

GXII-4, GXII-18- L&W Lorenz & Wightman.

GXII-9-,GXII-25 and GXII-26- A & DHC Alexander and David H. Chambers.

GXII-15 and GXII-16 - E. Wormer & Co.

GXII-20 and GXII-23 - C. I. & Sons C. Ihmsen & Sons.

GXII-32 - W. F. & Sons.

GXII-37, GXII-38, GXII-38A, GXII-39A and GXII-39A - Wm Frank & Sons / Pitt. These flasks had a cannon facing left enbossed on them and the GXII-38 cannon facing right.

GXII-13 and GXII-14 - L,F & Co.

GXII-40, GXII-42 and GXII-42A - F A & Co. Fahnstock Albree & Co. ( Also have a embossed cannon).

GXII-34 and GXII-35 - Wm McCully & Company.

GXII-36 - This flask has a larel wreath of 3 rows of veins between loops instead of the clasped hands.

GXII-3, GXII-5, GXII-6, GXII-8, GXII-10, GXII-11, GXII-12, GXII-17, GXII-24, GXII-28, GXII-29, GXII-30, GXII-31, GXII-33, GXII-36, GXII-37, GXII-41. The makers of these flasks are unknonw as of now but are thought to be Midwestern.

GXII-7, GXII-7A, GXII-13, GXII-14 and GXII-19 are attributed to Pittsburgh, PA.

Below are just a few of these flasks.

flask gxii-17-2a.flask gxii-17 1a
GXII-17 pint.

flask gxii-18-2a.flask gxii-18-1a
GXII-18 pint.

flask gx11-19-1a.flask gx11-19-2a
flask gx11-19-3a.flask gx11-19-4a
GXII-19 pint.

flask gxii-24-2a.flask gxii-24-1a
GXII-24 pint.

flask gxii-31 1a.flask gxii-31-2a
GXII-31 1/2 pint.

flask gxii-34-1a.flask gxii-34-2a
GXII-34 1/2 pint.

flask gxii-41-2a.flask gxii-41-1a
GXII-41 pint.


American Bottle & Flasks and their Ancesty by Helen McKearin & Kenneth M. Wilson 1978.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

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