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burdock pole sign

The Foster, Milburn & Co. was a patent medicine manufacturer and distributor. The firm started around 1860 by Orrin E. Foster and Thomas Milburn in Toronto, Ontario. The fim also had a branch for handling American sales established at Buffalo, New York in the 1870s.

Besides there well known Burdocks Blood Bitters another well-known product was Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil, the formula for which they purchased from S. N. Thomas in 1876. Later on the company manufactured the well known Doans Pills.

Here is what the burdock plant looks like.

burdock plant

Below are photos of just one of there many variants of bottles.

burdck bitters 1

burdock bitters 2

burdock bitters 3

burdock bitters 4

A copy of one of there labels.

burdock label 1

The company also had produce almanacs advertising there products.

burdock almanac 1885.1885

burdock almanac 1889.1889

burdock almanac 1892.1892

Below are just a few of there many trade cards.

burdock tc 1

burduck tc 2

burdock tc 3

burdock tc 6

burdock tc 7

burdock tc 8

burduck tc 4

Below is there famous Doan Pills tin.

burdock doan pill


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burdock bitters 1a

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