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A group of businessmen in 1891 formed the Columbia Brewery. This big red brick building was built in 1891 with a exspanion being done in 1901-1902.

In 1948 the Falstaff Company purchased the Columbia Brewery. Falstaff name this building Plant # 5. This plant continued to produce beer until abandonng the plant in 1969.

Below are photos of just two of the bottles the company used.

Columbia / Weiss Beer / BWY / St. Louis, Mo. / Imported Berlinger.

COLUMBIS WEISS BEER GREEN 1.columbia weiss ber green 2

Columbia / Weiss Beer / Brewery / St. Louis, Mo.

colunbia 1

Here is a picture of the Brewery.

falstaff plant 5

For more information about the Columbia Brewery refer to Article 95: Columbia Weiss Brewery. This article has conflicting information.


Frank & Frank Jr. Bottle Collection.

columbia weiss beer green 1a

columbia a

lot of 3 weiss beer st louis

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