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bunker hill letter

The A. G. Van Nostrands Bunk Hill Brewery was located at 40 Alford Street in Charlestown, Mass.

The company started in 1821 by John Cooper and Thomas Gould. The brewery would close in 1918 and reopen in 1933 still as the Bunk Hill Brewery. The name would change in 1934 to Van Nostrand Brewery.

Here a little about Alonzo Gilford Van Nostrand was born in July 4, 1854 in Brooklyn, New York. In 1872 he started working for his father William T. Van Nostrand. The brewery was located in Charlestown, Mass. Alonzo would become a partner in 1878.

Below are some ads for the brewery.

bunker hill brewery ad 2.bunker hill brewery ad 3

bunker hill ad

Below are photos of one of their bottles.

bunker hill 1.bunker hill 3

bunker hill 4

Time line of owners.

John Cooper & Thomas Gould 1821-???

William T. Van Nostrand 1860-1877.

Wm. T. Van Nostrand & Co. 1877-1890.

Bunker Hill Breweries A. G. Van Nostrand 1890-1918.

Bunker Hill Breweries 1933-1934.

Van Nostrand Brewery Co. 1934.

Some names of their products were Old Musty Ale, Old Musty Purest & Best Ale and Bunker Hill Lager.


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