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There is not a lot of information about this product. We do know that this product was from the Anglo-American Drug Co. of London, England. There are advertisements as early as 1875 and as late as 1920. The company was located at 33 Farringdon Road, London according to advertisements in 1887.

This is what The Mexican Hair Renewer claimed to do.

For restoring grey hair to its original colour without dyeing it, For renewing or causing hair to grow on bald spots. For preventing dandruff and the hair from falling out. For making the hair soft, glossy, pliant, and luxuriant. Daily application of this preparation for a week or two will surely restore faded, grey, or white hair to its natural colour and richness. If properly applied, it never fails; but it should be well shaken before using. It is not a dye, nor does it contain any colouring matter or offensive substance whatever. Hence it does not soil the hands, the scalp, or even white linen, but produces the colour within the substance of the hair. In many cases it has been successful in causing new hair to grow on bald spots, and it can be confidently recommended in all cases, unless the hair-glands are decayed; for if the glands are decayed and gone, no stimulant can restore them; but if, as is often the case, the glands are only torpid, "THE MEXICAN HAIR RENEWER" will renew their vitality, and a new growth of hair will follow.

Below are photos of this bottle.

mexican hair renewer 1.mecican hair renewer 3

mexican hair renewer 2

mexican hair renewer 4

Below are a few advertisements.

mexican hair ad 1877. From 1877.

mexican hair ad 2 1887. From 1887.


Photos courtesy of ebay.

mexican hair renewer 1a

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