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Joseph M. Hollander was a chemist and involved in the drug trade. He was also involved in the patent medicine business. Joseph brother Adolph was in the whole sale liquor business. Adolph would file for bankruptcy on Jan 19 1899. The two brothers would form The Hollander Bros. Drug Company sometime in 1899. Joseph would be the president of the company. The business was located at 915 Braddock Ave. Braddock P.A.

In 1900 Israel Rosenbloom would partner with the company. The company now would become the Hollander Drug Co. Before 1907 both Joseph Hollander and Israel Rosenbloom would leave the company and by 1907 the company would incorporate and Adolph would become the sole owner. Adolph would die in August 1909. The company was let to his wife. By Nov. 5 1909 William Friedman and Herman Konig would acquire the company from Adolph wife.

Below are photos of four variants of these bottles. The first two variants are the earliest and are embossed with the word Bros. The first one is embossed CARPATHIAN HERB BITTERS / HOLLANDER BROS. DRUG CO. / 10 FL. OZ. BRADDOCK, PA. This bottle is 7 5/8 in tall. The other variant is embossed CARPATHIAN HERB BITTERS / HOLLANDER BROS. DRUG CO. / BRADDOCK, PA. and is 8 1/4 inches tall. Photo of a HOLLANDER BROS. DRUG CO. / BRADDOCK, PA. This bottle is 9 3/8 inches. There also is the same bottle with 18.16 PT. embossed on it.

carpathian 17 5/8carpathian 59 3/8 carpathian 6

Below is a photo of the third variant which does not have Bros. embossed on the bottle .It's embossed CARPATHIAN HERB BITTERS // f //HOLLANDER DRUG CO. (in script) / BRADDOCK, PA. This bottle is 9 inches tall.

carpathian 2 .carpathian 3

Below is a photo of the last variant and the newest of the bottles produced. Its embossed CARPATHIAN HERB BITTER (curved) / HOLLANDER DRUG CO. / BRADDOCK, PA. it is 9 inches tall.

carpathian 4

carpathian 7

I have seen a rectangle medicine bottle embossed Hollander Drug Co. MFG Chemist Renkin, PA.


Bitters Bottles by Carlyn Ring & W. C. Ham.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

carpathian b

carpathian c..carpathian d

carpathian a

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