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The Swayzee's Glass Company started producing fruit jars in 1894. The company was located in Grant County Swayzee, Indiana. The monogram the company used was the SGCo which can be found on some Mason's Patent Nov 30TH 1858 fruit jars. Below are photos of this example.

sgc 1..sgc 2

There is also two other glass companies which used the SGCo. lettering. The Scranton Glass Co. and the Southern Glass Co. but Swayzee was the only one with the monogram.

February 8, 1906 the Ball Brothers Glass MFG Co. bought the Swayzee Glass Co. for $71,428 dollars. The company continued to make the Swayzee jar for one more year. Below is an assortment of the Swayzee's Improved Mason jars in a range of colors.

swayzee jars

These jars are seen in clear, aqua, sky blue, apple green, yellow green, olive green, teal green and other shades from the list above. These jars come in three sizes pint, quart and half gallon. The larger lettering is thought to be the older jars while the smaller lettering being the newer jars. There also is a jar with a monogram of the (Fleur-De-Lis) and a jar with improved misspelled Imppoved.


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