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A- Adams & Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1861-1891 A- John Agnew & Sons Pittsburgh, PA. 1854-1866

A- Arkansas Glass Container Corp. Jonesboro, AR. 1958-present.

A- (in a circle) American Glass Works Richmond, VA. And Paden city, WV. 1908-1935 A & B- together

(AB) Adolphus Busch Glass Manufacturing Co. Belleville, IL. And St. Louis, MO. 1904-1907

ABC- Atlantic Bottle Co. New York city, NY. And Brackenridge, PA. 1918-1930

ABCo.- American Bottle Co. Chicago, ILL. 1905-1916 Toledo, OH. 1916-1929 ABCO- (in script) Ahrens Bottling Company Oakland, CA. 1903-1908

A B G M Co- Adolphus Busch Glass Manufacturing Co. Belleville, IL. 1886-1907 St. Louis, MO. 1886-1928

A & Co.- John Agnew and Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1854-1892

A C M E- Acme Glass Co. Olean, NY. 1920-1930

A & D H C- a. & D.H. Chambers Pittsburgh, PA. Union Flasks 1843-1886

AGCo. Arsenal Glass Co. (or Works) Pittsburgh, PA. 1865-1868

AGEE and Agee- (in script) Hazel Atlas Glass Co. Wheeling, WV. 1919-1925 AGNEW & CO. Agnew & Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1876-1886

AGWL, PITTS PA.-American Glass Works Pitts- Burgh, PA. 1865-1880. American Glass Works Limited 1880-1905

AGW- American Glass Works Richmond, VA. And Paden, WV. 1908-1935 Ahrens Bottling

(AB Co. in middle) Oakland, Cal. 1903-1908 listed in business directories as Diedrich Ahrens

Alabama Brewing- (W over B in middle) San Francisco 1899-1906

Albany Brewing- (Trade AB Mark in middle) 1858- 1918

AMF & Co. Adelbert m. Foster & Co. Chicago, IL. Millgrove, Upland and Marion, IN. 1895-1911

Anchor figure- (with H in center) Anchor Hocking Glass Lancaster, OH. 1955 A.R.S.- A.R. Samuels Glass Co. Philadelphia, PA. 1855-1872

A S F W W Va- A.S. Frank Glass Co. Wellsburg, WV. 1859

ATLAS- Atlas Glass Co. Washington, PA. and later Hazel Atlas Glass Co. 1896-1965


B- Buck Glass Co. Baltimore, MD. 1909-1961

B- (in circle) Brockway Machine Bottle Co. Brockway, PA. 1907-1933

Ball and Ball- (in script) Ball Bros. Glass Manufacturing Co. Muncie, IN. and later Ball Corp. 1887-1973

Baker Bros. Balto. MD.- Baker Brothers Baltimore, MD. 1853-190

BAKEWELL- Benjamin P. Bakewell Jr. Glass Co. 1876-188

Baltimore Glass Works- 1860-1870 BANNER- Fisher-Bruce Co. Philadelphia, PA. 1910-1930

Beer Steam Bottling Company- (WG & Son in Diamond and W Goeppert & Son in middle) San Francisco 1882-1886

BB Co.- Berney-Bond Glass Co. Bradford, Clarion, Hazelhurst and Smethport, Pa. 1900

BB48- Berney-Bond Glass Co. Bradforn, Clarion, Hazelhurst and Smethport, PA. 1920-1930

BBCo.- Bell Bottle Co. Fairmount, IN. 1910-1940

Bennett,s- Gillinder & Bennett (Franklin Flint Glass Co) Philadelphia, PA. 1863-1867

Bernardin- (inscript) W.J. Latchford Glass Co. Los Angeles, CA. 1932-193

The Best- Gillender & Sons Philadelphia, PA. 1867-1870

B F B Co.- Bell Fruit Bottle Co. Fairmount, IN. 1910

B.G.Co.- Belleville Glass Co. IL. 1882

Bishop,s- Bishop & Co. San Diego and Los Angeles, CA. 1890-1920

BK- Benedict Kimber Bridgeport and Brownsville, PA. 1825-1840

BLUE RIBBON- Stardard Glass Co. Marion, IN. 1908

Boca-(Bob in a circle in the middle) Beer. 1875-1891
BOLDT- Charles Boldt Glass Manufacturing Co. Cincinnati, OH. And Huntington, WV. 1900-1929

Boyds- (in script) Illinois Glass Co. Alton, IL. 1900-1930

BP & B- Bakewell, Page & Bakewell Pittsburgh, PA. 1824-1836

Brelle (in script) Jars- Brelle Fruit Jar Manufacturing Co. San Jose, CA. 1912-1916

Brilliante- Jefferis Glass Co. Fairton, NJ. And Rochester, PA. 1900-1905


C- (in circle) Chattanooga Bottle & Glass Co. and Later Chattanooga Glass Co. 1927- on

C- (in a square) Crystal Glass Co. Los Angeles CA. 1921-1929

C- (in a star) Star City Glass Co. Star City, WV. 1949-on

C- (in upside down triangle) Canada Dry Ginger Ale Co. New York City, NY. 1930-1950

Canton Domestic Fruit Jar- Canton Glass Co. Canton, OH. 1890-1904

C & Co. or C Co- Cunninghams & Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1880-1907 C. Beck, Santa Cruz 1894-1917

CCCo.- Carl Conrad & Co. St. Louis, MO. (beer) 1860-1883

C.V.Co. No.1 & No 2- Milwaukee, WI. 1880-1881

C C Co.- Carl Conrad &Co. St. Louis, MO. 1876-1883

C C G Co.- Cream City Glass Co. Milwaukee, WI. 1888-1894

C.F.C.A.- California Fruit Canners Association Sacramento, CA. 1899-1916

CFJCo- Consolidated Fruit Jar Co. New Brunswick, NJ. 1867-1882

C G I- California Glass Insulator Co. Long Beach, CA. 1912-1919

C G M Co- Campbell Glass Manufacturing Co. West Berkeley, CA. 1885 C G W- Campbell Glass Works West Berkeley, CA. 1884-1885

C & H- Coffin & Hay Hammonton, NJ. 1836-1838 Or Winslow NJ. 1838-1842

C & I- Cunningham & Ihmsen Pittsburgh, PA. 1865-1879

C V No 2- MILW- Chase Valley Glass Co. No 2 Milwaukee, WI. 1880-1881 C L G Co.- Carr-Lowrey Glass Co. Baltimore, MD. 1889-1920

CLARKE- Clarke Fruit Jar Co. Cleveland, OH. 1886-1889

CLIMAX- Fisher-Bruce Co. Philadelphia, Pa. 1910-1930

CLOVER LEAF-(In arch with picture of a clover Leaf) 1890 CLYDE, N.Y.- Clyde Glass Works Clyde, NY. 1870-1882

The Clyde- (in script) Clyde Glass Works Clyde, NY. 1895 C. Milw- Chase Valley Glass Co. Milwaukee, WI. 1880-1881

Cohansey- Cohansey Glass Manufacturing Co. Philadelphia, PA. 1870-1900

CO-SHOE- Coshocton Glass Corp. Coshocton, OH. 1923-1928

C R- Curling, Robertson & co. Pittaburgh, PA. 1834-1857 or Curling, Ringwalt & Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1857-1863

CRYSTO- McPike Drug Co. Kansas City, MO. 1904 D D 446- Consolidated Fruit Jar Co. New Brunswick, NJ. 1871-1882


DB- Du Bois Brewing Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1918

Dexter- Franklin Flint Glass Works Philadelphia, PA. 1861-1880

Diamond- (Plain) Diamond Glass Co. 1924-on The Dictator- William McCully & Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1855-1869

Dictator- William McCully & Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1869-1885

D & O- Cumberland Glass Mfg. Co. Bridgeton, NJ. 1890-1900

D O C- D.O. Cunningham Glass Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1883-1937

DOME- Standard Glass Co. Wellsburg, WV. 1891- 1893

D S G Co.- De Steiger Glass Co. La Salle, IL. 1879- 1896

Duffield- Dr. Samuel Duffield Detroit, MI. 1862-1866 And Duffield, Parke & Co. Detroit, MI. 1866- 1875

Dyottsville- Dyottsville Glass Works Philadelphia, PA. 1833-1923


E E4- Essex Glass Co. Mt. Vernon, OH. 1906-1920

Economy (in script) TRADE MARK- Kerr Glass Manufacturing Co. Portland, OR. 1903-1912

Electric Trade Mark- (in script) Gayner Glass Works Salem, NJ. 1910 Electric Trade Mark- Gayner Glass Works Salem, NJ. 1900-1910

Erd & Co. E R Durkee- E.R. Durkee & Co. New York, NY. Post-1874

The EMPIRE- Empire Glass Co. Cleveland, NY. 1852-1877 E R Durkee & C0.- E.R. Durkee & Co. New York, NY. 1850-1860

Eureka 17- Eurkee Jar Co. Dunbar, WV. 1864

Eureka- (in script) Eurkee Jar Co. Dunbar, WV. 1900-1910

Everett and EHE- Edward h. Everett Glass Co. (Star Glass Works) Newark, OH. 1893-1904

Everlasting (in script) JAR- Illinois Pacific Glass Co. San Francisco, CA. 1904 E W & Co.- E. Wormser & Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1857-1875


F F- (inside a jar outline or keystone) C.L. Flaccus Glass Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1900-1928

F WM. Frank & Sons- WM. Frank & Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1846-1966

WM. Frank & Sons Pittsburgh, PA. 1866-1876 F & A- Fahnstock & Albree Pittsburgh, PA. 1860- 1862

FERG Co- F.E. Reed Glass Co. Rochester, NY. 1898-1947

FF & Co- Fahnstock, Fortune & Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1866-1873

F G- Florida Glass Manufacturing Co. Jacksonville, FL. 1926-1947

FL or FL & Co.- Frederick Lorenz & Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1819-1841

FLINT-GREEN- Whitney Glass Works Glassborough, PA. 1888

FOLGER, JAF&Co. Pioneer, Golden Gate- J.A. Folger & Co. San Francisco, CA. 1850-on


G G- (in circle bold lines) Gulfport GlassCo. Gulfport, MS. 1955-1970

G E M- Hero Glass Works Philadelphia, PA. 1884-1909

G & H- Gray & Hemingray Cincinnati, OH. 1848-1851 Covington, KY. 1851-1864

G & S- Gillinder & Sons Philadelphia, PA. 1867-1871 and 1912-1930

Geo. Braun Bottler- (C over b in arrowhead in Middle) 2219 Pine St. S.F. 1893-1906

Gillinder- Gillinder Bros. Philadelphia, PA. 1871-1930

Gilberds- Gilberds Butter Tub Co. Jamestown, NY. 1883-1890

GLENSHAW-(G in a box underneath name) Glenshaw Glass Co. Glenshaw, PA. 1904

GLOBE- Hemingray Glass Co. Covington, KY. (the symbol =parquet-lac= was used in the Beginning in 1895)-1886

Greenfield- Greenfield Fruit Jar & Bottle Co. Greenfield, IN. 1888-1912

G W K & Co.- George W. Kearns & Co. Zanesville, OH. 1848-1911


H H and H- (in heart) Hart Glass Manufacturing Co. Dunkirk, IN. 1918-1938

H- (with varying numerals) Holt Glass Works West Berkeley, CA. 1893-1906

H- (in a diamond) A. H. Heisey Glass Co. Oakwood Ave Newark, OH. 1893-1958

H- (in a triangle) J.T. & A. Hamilton Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1900 Hamilton- Hamilton Glass Works Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 1865-1872

Hansen & Kahler- (H & K in middle) Oakland CAL. 1897-1908

Hazel- Hazel Glass Co. Wellsburg, WV. 1886-1902

H.B.Co.- Hagerty Bros. & Co. Brooklyn, NY. 1880-1900

Helme- Geo W. Helme Co. Jersey City, NJ. 1870- 1895

Hemingray- Hemingray Brothers & Co. and later Heningray Glass Co. Covington, KY. 1864-1933

Henry Braun (berr bottle in middle) Oakland, Cal. 1887-1896

H .J . Heinz- H.J. Heinze Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1860-1869

Heinz & Noble- H.J. Heinz Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1869-1872

F .J . Heinz- H.J. Heinz Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1876- 1888

H .J . H. J. Heinz Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1888-on

HELME- Geo. W. Helme Co. NJ. 1870-1890

HERO- Hero Glass Works Philadelphia, PA. 1856-1884 and Hero Fruit Jar Co. Philadelphia, PA. 1884-1909

H F J Co- (in wings of maltese cross) Hero Glass Works 1884-1900

HP- (close together in circle) Keene Glass Works Keene, NH. 1817-1822

HS- (in a circle) Twitchell & Schoolcraft Keene, NH. 1815-1816


I IDEAL- Hod C. Dunfee Charleston, WV. 1910 I G Co.- Ihmsen Glass Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1855- 1896

I. G. Co- Ihmsen Glass Co. 1895

I. G. Co. - Monogram III Glass Co. (on fruit jar) 1914

IPGCO- III Pacific Glass Company San Francisco, CA. 1902-1926

IPGCO- (in diamond) III Pacific Glass Company San Francisco, CA. 1902-1926

IG- Illinois Glass (F inside the jar outline) Pittsburgh, PA. 1900-1928

III. Glass Co.- 1916-1929

I G- Illinois Glass Co. Alton, IL. 1890 and before I G Co.- (in a diamond) Illinois Glass Co. Alton, IL. 1900-1916

Improved G E M- Hero Glass Works Philadelphia, PA. 1868

I P G- Illinois Pacific Glass Co. San Francisco, CA. 1902-1932

I X L- I X L Glass Bottle Co. Inglewood, CA. 1921-1923


J J- (in keystone) Knox Glass Bottle Co. of Miss. Jackson< MS. 1923-1953

J- (in square) Jeannette Glass Co. Jeannette, PA. 1901-1922

JAF & Co. Pioneer and Folger- J.A. Folger & Co. San Francisco, CA. 1850-on

J D S & Co.- John Duncan & Sons New York, NY. 1880-1900

J. P. F.- Pitlin Glass Works Manchester, CT. 1783-1830

J R- Stourbridge Flint Glass Works Pittsburgh, PA. 1823-1828

JBS- (monogram) Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co. Milwaukee, WI. 1900

JT- Mantua Glass Works or Mantua Glass Co. Mantua, OH. 1824

JT & Co- Brownsville Glass Works Brownsville, PA. 1824-1828

J. SHEPARD- J. Shepart & Co. Zanesville,OH. 1823-1838


K K-(in keystone) Knox Glass Bottle Co. Knox, PA. 1924-1968

Kensington Glass Works- Kensington Glass Works Philadelphia, PA. 1822-1932

Kerr-(in script) Kerr Glass Manufacturing Co. and Later Alexander H. Kerr Glass Co. Portland, OR. Sandspring, OK. Also Chicago, IL. And Los Angeles, CA. 1912-on

K H & G- Kearns, Herdman & Gorsuch Zanesville, OH. 1876-1884

K & M- Knox & McKee Wheeling, WV. 1824-1829 K & O- Kivlan & Onthank Boston, MA. 1919-1925

KO - HI- Koehler & Hinrichs St. Paul, MN. 1911

K Y G W (or) KYGW Co- Kentucky Glass Works Co. Louisville, KY. 1849-1855


L L- (in keystone) Lincoln Glass Bottle Co. Lincoln, IL. 1942-1952

L- W.J. Latchford Glass Co. Los Angeles,CA. 1925- 1938

Lamb- Lamb Glass Co. Mt. Vernon, OH. 1855-1964

LB- (B inside L) Lng Beach Glass Co. Longbeach, CA. 1920-1933

L. G.- (with periods) Liberty Glass Co. 1924-1946

L - G- (with hyphen) Liberty Glass Co. 1946-1954

L G- Liberty Glass Co. 1954

L & W- Lotenz & Wightman, PA. 1862-1871

LGW- Laurens Glass Works Laurens, SC. 1911-1970

L G Co- Louisville Glass Works Louisville, KY. 1880

Lightning- Henry W. Putnam Benning, VT. 1875- 1890

LP- (in keystone) Pennsylvania Bottle Co. Wilcox, PA. 1940-1952

L K G W- Louisville Kentucky Glass Works Louisville, KY. 1873-1890


M Mascot or Mason or M F G Co.- Mason Fruit Jar Co. Philadelphia, PA. 1885-1890

Mastadon- Thomas A. Evans Mastadon Works And Later Wm. Mc Cully & Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1855-1887

MB Co- Muncie Glass Co. Muncie, IN. 1895-1910

M B & G Co- Massillon Bottle & Glass Co. Massillon, OH. 1900-1904

M B W- Millville Bottle Works Millville, NJ. 1903-1930

M. Casey, Gilroy Brewing Cal.- Chicago Bottle Works San Francisco, CA. 1896-1906

McL- (in circle) Mclaughlin Glass Co. Vernon, CA. 1920-1936 also Gardena, CA. 1951-1956

MEDALLION- M.S. Burr & Co. Boston, MA. 1874

M- (in keystone) Metro Glass Bottle Co. Jersey City, NJ. 1935-1949

MG- (straight letters) 1930-1940

(slanted letters) Maywood Glass Maywood, CA. 1940-1958

M.G. Co.- Modes Glass Co. Cicero, IN. 1895-1904

M. G. W.- Middletown Glass Co. NY. 1889

Moore Bros.- Moore bros. Clayton, NJ. 1864-1880 MOUNT VERNON- Cook & Bernhimer Co. New York, NY. 1890


N N- (in keystone) Newborn Glass Co. Royersford, Pa. 1920-1925

N- (line under N) Northwood Glass Co. Wheeling, WV. 1902-1925

N- (bold N in bold square) Obearnester Glass Co. St. Louis, Missouri & East St. Louis, IL. 1895

N 17- American Bottle Co. Toledo, OH. Div. of Owens Bottle Co. 1917-1929

N B B G Co- North Baltimore bottle Glass Co. North Baltimore, OH. 1885-1930

N. Cervelli (N over C in middle) ^!% Francisco ST. S.F. -1898-1906

N G Co- Northern Glass Co. Milwaukee, WI. 1894- 1896

N - W- Nivison-Weiskopf Glass co. Reading, OH. 1900-1931


O O- (in a square) Owen bottle co. 1911-1929

O B C- Ohio Bottle Co. Newark, OH. 1904-1905

O-D-1-O & Diamond & I- Owens Ill. Pacific Coast Co. CA. 1932-1943

O G W- Olean Glass Co. (Works) Olean, NY. 1887-1915

O- (in keystone) Oil City Glass Co. Oil City, PA. 1920-1925

OSOTITE- (in elongated diamond) Warren Fruit Jar Co. Fairfield, IA. 1910

O-U-K I D- Robert a Vancleave Philadelphia, PA. 1900


P P- (in keystone) Wightman Bottle & Glass Co. Parker Landing, PA. 1930-1951

PCGW- Pacific Coast Glass Works San Francisco, CA. 1902-1924

PEERLESS- Peerless Glass Co. Long Island City, NY. 1920-1935

PEERLESS- Bottler,s & Manufacturer,s Supply Co. 1900-1920

P G W- Pacific Glass Works San Francisco, CA. 1862-1876

Picture of young child(in circle)- M.S. Burr & Co. Boston, MA. 1874

Premium- Premium Glass Co. Coffeyville, KS. 1908-1914

P- (in square or pine in box) Pine Glass Corp. Okmulgee, OK. 1927-1929

P S- Puget Sound Glass Co. Anacortes, WA. 1924-1929

Putnam Glass Works- (in circle) Putnam Flint Glass Works Putnam, OH. 1852-1871

P & W- Perry & Wood and later Perry & Wheeler Keene, NJ. 1822-1830


Q Queen (in script) Trade Mark- (all in a shield) Smalley, Kivian & Onthank Boston, MA. 1906-1919


R Rau,s- Fairmount Glass Works Fairmount, IN. 1898-1908

R & C Co.- Roth & Co. San Francisco, CA. 1879- 1888

Red- (with a key through it) Sage Glass co. Upland, IN. 1892-1898

R G Co.- Renton Glass CO. Renton, WA. 1911 Root- Root Glass Co. Terre Haute, IN. 1901-1932


S S- (in a side of a start) Southern Glass Co. L.A. 1920-1929

S- (in a triangle) Schloss Crockery Co. San Francisco, CA. 1910 S- (in keystone) Seaboard Glass Bottle Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1943-1947

SB & Gco- Streator Bottle & Glass Co. Streator, IL. 1881-1905

SF & PGW- San Francisco & Pacific Glass Works San Francisco, CA. 1876-1900

S & C- Stebbins & Chamberlain or Coventry Glass Works Coventry, CT. 1825-1830

S F G W- San Francisco Glass Works San Francisco, CA. 1869-1876

SIGNET- (blown in bottom) Chicago Heights Bottle Co. Chicago, IL. 1913

Squibb- E.R. Squibb, M.D. Brooklyn, NY. 1858-1895

Stardard- (in script, mason) Stardard Glass Co. and Lator Stardard Glass Co. Marion, IN. 1894-1932

Star Glass Co- Star Glass Co. New Albany, IN. 1867- 1900

Swayzee- Swayzee Glass Co. Swayzee, IN 1894- 1900


T T- (in keystone) Knox Glass Bottle Co. Miss, Palestine, TX. 1941-1953

T C W- T.C. Wheaton Co. Millville, NJ. 1888-on

THE BEST- (in an arch) Gotham Co. New York, NY. 1891

TIP TOP- Charles Boldt Glass Co. Cincinnati, OH. 1904

T W & Co.- Thomas Wightman & Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1871-1895

T S- Coventry Glass Works Coventry, CT. 1820- 1824


U U- Upland Flint Glass Co. Upland, IN. 1890-1909

U- (in a keystone) Pennsylvania Bottle Co. Sheffield, PA. 1929-1951

U S- United States Glass Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1891- 1938 Tiffin, Oh. 1938-1964


W WARRANTED (in arch) FLASK- Albert G. Smalley Boston, MA. 1892

W & Co- Thomas Wightman & Co. Pittsburgh, PA. 1880-1889

W C G Co- West Coast Glass Co. Las Angeles, CA. 1908-1930

WF & S MILW- William Franzen & Son Milwaukee, WI. 1900-1929

W G W- Woodbury Glass Works Woodbury, NJ. 1882-1900

WYETH- Drug Manufacturer 1880-1910

W. T. & Co.- (in rectangle) Whitalltatum & Co. Millville, NJ. 1875-1885

W.T. & Co.-E- (in small rectangle within big rectangle) Whitall Tatum Millville,NJ. 1885-1895

W.T. & Co. -c-U.S.A.- (in small rectangle within big rectangle) Whitall Tatum Millville, NJ. 1891-1984

W.T. & Co.-U.S.A.- (in small rectangle within big rectangle) Whitall Tatum Millville, NJ. 1890- 1901

W T R Co. W.T. Rawleigh Manufacturing Co. Freeport, IL. 1925-1936


Big A- (in cnterof it GM) Australian Glass Mfg. Co. Kilkenny, So. Australia

A.B.C.- Albion bottle Co. Ltd. Oldbury, Nr. Birmingham, England

A.G.W.- Alloa Glass Limited Alloa, Scotland A G B Co. Albion Glass Bottle Co. England Trademark is found under Lea & Perrins 1880-1900

AVH- A. Van Hoboken & Co. Rotterdam, Netherlands 1800-1898

B & C Co. L- Bagley & Co. Ltd. Est 1832 England

Beaver- Beaver Flint Glass Co. Toronto, Canada 1897-1920

Bottle- (in frame) Veb Glasvoerk Drebkau Drebkau, N.L., Germany Crown- (with three dots) Crown Glass Waterloo N.S., Wales

Crown- (with figure of a crown) Excelsior Glass Co. St. Johns Quebec and later Diamond Glass Co. Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1879-1913

CS & CO.- Cannington, Shaw & Co. St. Helens, England 1872-1916

CSTS- (in center of a hot air balloon) C. Stolzles Sohne Actiengeselischaft fur Glasfabritkation Vienna Austria, Hungary 1905

D- (in center of a diamond) Dominion Glass Co. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

D.B.- (in a book frame) Dale Brown & Co. Ltd. Mesborough, Yorks, England

Fish- Veb Glasvoerk Stralau, Berlin, Germany

Excelsior- Excelsior Glass Co. St. John Quebec, Canada 1878-1883

HH- Werk Hermannshutte Czechoslovakia

Hamilton- Hamilton Glass Works Hamilton Ontario, Canada 1865-1872

Hat- Brougha Bulgaria

Hunyadi Janos- Andreas Saxlehner Buda-Pesth Austria, Hundgary 1863-1900

IYGE- (all in a circle) The Irish Glass Bottle Ltd. Dublin, Ireland

KH- Kastrupog Holmeqaads Copenhagen, Denmark

L- (on a bell) Lanbert S.A. Belqium

LIP- Lea & Perrins London, England 1880-1900

LS- (in a circle) Lax & Shaw Ltd. Leeds, York, England

M- (in a circle) Cristales Mexicanos Monterey, Mexico

N- (in a diamond) Tippon Glass Co. Ltd. Tokyo, Japan

NAGC- North American Glass Co. Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1883-1890

NS- (in middle of bottle shape) Edward Kavalier Of Neu Sazawa Austria, Hungary 1910

P & J A- P. & J. Arnold Ltd. London, England 1890-1914

Prana- Aerators Limited London, England 1905

PG- Verreries De Puy De Dome S.A. Paris

R- Louit Freres & Co. France 1870-1890

S- (in a circle) Vetreria Savonese A. Voglienzone S.A. Milano, Italy

S & M- Sykes & Macvey Castleford, England 1860-1888

T- (in a circle) Tokyo Seibin Ltd. Tokyo, Japan

VT- Ve.Tri S.p.a. Vetrerie Trivemta Vicenza, Italy

VX- Usine de Vauxrot, France WECK- (in a frame) Werk Glaswerk G. mb.H. Ofgen Bonn, Germany

Y- (in a circle) Etaria Lipasmaton Athens, Greece