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Bottle Condition Guide

ANNEALING - Usually on the neck or lip of the bottle caused from the cooling of hot glass. This has the appearance of lines in the glass.

BRUISE - A ding in the bottle with no glass missing sometimes changing the spot to a white color. Some people refer this to a fish eye.

CASEWEAR - Scuff marks where bottle was rubbing something.

CHIP - A piece of glass missing.

CRACK - A very noticeable fracture in the glass.

FACTORY IMPERFECTIONS - Bubbles, weak embossing, incorrect seams, crooked shape. Imperfections that were made at time bottle was produced.

FLEA BITE OR NICK - A small pin head size chip no bigger then 1/32 in.

FLASH - A hard to see small crack in the glass. Sometimes you must hold the bottle just at the right angle to see it.

IRIDESCENCE OR OPALESCENCE - A opaline or rainbow color from minerals that are in the ground. Very common on dug bottles that were in some types of soil.

POTSTONES - Impurities in the glass batch leaving small specks or pieces.

STAIN - Residue from the contents of the bottle.