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The Safety Valve Fruit Jar Company was located in Salem, New Jersey. According to the ad below you could purchase 24 jars for $ 2.25 anywhere east of the Mississippi River.

Below is a ad for Safety Valve Fruit Jar from 1909.

safety valve jar ad

Below is a half gallon, quart, pint and a half pint jar.

safety valve 4 jar. These jars also come in the sizes 1/4 pint and a 12oz. Besides the colors of clear and aqua they also come in the colors of cornflower blue, emerald green and amber which are more scarcer.

safety valve 2. Photo of the base of these jars. Its embossed Safety Valve Patd May 21 1895 H C over a triangle.

safety valve w label. Labeled jar using the safety valve clamp.


Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Fruit Jar Collection. (No longer have).

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