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Below are just a few label Ketchup - Catsup bottles.

Heinz's Catsup. Here is just a little about this company.
In 1869 the founder Henry Heinz packages his first product. It was a fresh grated horse radish. The product came in a clear bottle so customers could see the purity.

In 1876 he started bottling his Tomato Ketchup which he used in a keystone shaped bottle.

By 1890 he was using the iconic bottle shape which is still being used today.

By 1937 Heinz Co. builds a ketchup plant in Fremont, Ohio. The plant becomes the largest ketchup producing plant in the United States producing 34 million cases a year. As everybody knows this company is still producing their famous Heinz Tomato Ketchup, along with many other quality products.

Below is a photo of the Heinz Co. building and a bottle label machine.

heinz building

heinz label machine

Below are photos of one of their bottles.

Heinz's Capsup


Heintz Tomato Ketchup

ketchup 17.ketchup 18

Heinz Tomato Ketchup.


Shawnee Tomato Ketchup Carahan Canning Co. Luzerne, Pa.


Stohrer's Stone Catsup M. F. Stohrer Philadelphia.


Scott's Tomato Catsup Morgan Packing Co. Austin, Ind.


Gulden's Catsup New York, New York.


Royal Gem Scottsburg Canning Co. Scottsburg, Ind.

ketchup 9.ketchup 10

Ruby Tomato Catsup Fame Canning Co. Indianapolis, ind.

ketchup 11.ketchup 12

Reeve's, Parvin Catsup Millville, N. J.

ketchup 14.ketchup 13

Pinecone Tomato Catsup Abert W. Sisk & Co. Preston & Aberdeen, MD.

ketchup 15.ketchup 16

Brook's Tamato Catsup O. D. Brook 57 Broad St. Boston.

ketchup 19.ketchup 20

Snider Catsup Snider Packing Co. Rochester, N. Y.

ketchup 21.ketchup 22

Jersey Brand Tomato Catsup Edger F. Hurff Company Swedesboro, N. J.

ketchup 23.ketchuo 24

Tomato BeefSteak Ketchup Jos Campbell Co. Camden, N. J.

ketchup 25.ketchup 26

Pride of the Farm Brand Tomato Catsup E. Pritchard Inc. Bridgeton, N. J.

ketchup 27.ketchup 28

West Jersey Paching Co. Bridgeton, N. J.

ketchup 29.ketchup 30

Tomato Catsup John L. Getz & Son York Peena.

ketchup 31.ketchup 32

First American Brand Tomato Catsup Beaver Canneries Inc. Louisville, Ky.

ketchup 33.ketchup 34

Sleeper, Wells & Aldrich Tomato Ketchup Burlington, N. J.

ketchup 35.ketchup 36

Peerless Tomato National Canned Meats Limited Toronto, Canada.

ketchup 37.ketchup 38

Tomato Ketchup Frank H. Atwood & Co. 104 broad St. Boston.

ketchup 39.ketchup 40

Mequiar's Tomato Catsup Fowlerton, Indiana

ketchup 41.ketchup 42

State Pride Tomato Catsup Sioux Falls, SD.

ketchup 43.ketchup 44

Fraziers Tomato Catsup Frazier Packing Corp. Elwood, Indiana.

ketchup 42.ketchup 43

Brocton Brand Pure Fancy Catsup Brocton Preserving Co. Brocton, N. Y.

ketchup 44.ketchup 45

Beech-nut Brand Tomato Catsup Beech-Nut Packing Co.

ketchup 46.ketchup 47

Curtis Brothers Co. Rochester, N. Y.

.ketchup 48

Ransing Daisy Brand Catsup E. A. Ransing & Son Lancaster, Pa.


Kitchenette Tomato Catsup The Hougland packing co. inc. Franklin, Ind.

ketchup 52.ketchup 53

Cape May Tomato Ketchup W. C. Brate Albany, N. Y.

ketchup 55.ketchuo 54

Tripple AAA Tomato Catsup American Packing Corporation Evensville, Indiana.

ketchup 56.ketchup 57

Sun-Kist Catsup California Packing Corporation San Francisco, Cal.

ketchuo 58.ketchup 259

Ritter Pure Wholoe Catsup P. J. Ritter Company

ketchup 60.ketchup 61

Crosse & Blackwell Tomato Ketchup.

ketchup 62.ketchup 63

Warner's Catsup.

ketchup 64

Excelsior Brand Tomato Catsup John L. Getz & Sons York, Pa.

ketchup 66.ketchup 67

Grosse & Blackwells Mushroom Catsup London, England.

ketchup 70.ketchup 71

Brooks Old Orignal Catsup. The G. S. Suppiger Co.

ketchup 74.ketchup 75

Columbia Catsup

ketchup 77.ketchup 78

Brother's Tomato Ketchup Abroad Street , Boston

ketchup 79.ketchup 788

Geo. C. Ovens & Co's Catsup.

ketchup 81.ketchup 80

Violet Brand Catsup. J. V. Sharp Canning Co. Williamslown, N.J.

ketchup 82.ketchuo 83

Golden Rod Brand Catsup j. p. Kirchner & SonLancaster,Pa.

ketchup 290.ketchup 92

Morning Glory Tomato Catsup Reeves Parvin & Co.

ketchup 95.ketchup 96

Poet Tomato Catsup Camden Grocers Exchange.

ketchup 97.ketchup 98

Servus Brand Tomato Catsup. Serv-us Pure Food Distributors NewYork.

ketchup 101.ketchup 101 b

Honey Moon Tomato Catsup.

ketchup 100.ketchup 100 b

Gibbs Bullhead Tomato Catsup. Gibbs Preserving. Co. Baltimore, Md.

ketchup 102.ketchup 102 a

Valley Grove Catsup.

ketchup 103.ketchup 103 a

Wolff New York.

ketchup bottle label 1.ketchup bottle label 2

Home Made catsup-T. A. Snider Preserve Co.
snider ketchup 1.snider catsup 2

Referencs: Photos courtesy of ebay.



ketchup e..ketchup f

ketchup g..ketchup h

ketchup i..ketchup j

ketchup k.ketchuo 23 i

ketchup 25 m.ketchup n

ketchup 29 o.ketchup 31p

ketchup 33Q.ketchup 35 r

ketchup 37 z.ketchup 39 y.ketchup 41 x

ketchup 42a.ketchup 44a.ketchup 46a

ketchup 50 a..ketchup 52a

ketchup 55a.ketchup 56a

ketchup 58a.ketchup 60a

ketchup 62a.ketchup 64 a

ketchup 66a.ketchup 70a

ketchup 74a..ketchup 77a

ketchup 79.ketchuo 81a.ketchup 83a

ketchup 90a.ketchup93a.ketchup 95a

ketchup 97a.ketchup 101 c.ketchup 100 b

kecthup 102 b.ketchup 103 b

snider catsup 1ats

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