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Isaac Edward Emerson was born in 1868 and would graduate from the University of North Carolina. He would eventually open up a drug store in 1880 in Baltimore, Maryland and is credited for being the inventor of Bromo Seltzer.

In 1888 he would start to manufacture and market this product. In his early advertisements Bromo Seltzer is being used to treat headaches. It was an antacid for relieving pain from heartburn, upset stomach and indigestion. You would mix Bromo Seltzer with water and drink it. This product would become very popular and make him a wealthy man.

He would incorporate the company in 1891 having factories in Baltimore as well as New Jersey. He was also a captain during the Spanish American War. Isaac Edward Emerson would die in 1939.

This product was packaged in several different sizes of round cobalt blue bottle.

Below are photos of these very common bottles.

bromo lot of 4.Photo courtest of ebay.

Below is a photo of a cobalt blue dose glass.

bromo dose glass.bromo glass 2. Both photos courtesy of ebay.

bromo station.Photo courtesy of ebay.

Below are photos of some tax stamps.

emerson stamp.emerson stamp 2

emerson stamp 3.emerson stamp 4

Below is a trade card for Bromo Seltzer of the Nation Republican Convention of Candidates.

emerson trade card

Digger Odell Publications 2007.

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