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The company of Ware & Schmitz was located at 3-5 Granite Street Philadelphia, Pa. W.H. Ware would have his fish figural bottle patent in 1866. These 11 3/8 to 11 3/4 inch fish bottles were filled with a recipe thought to be from Dr. Gottlieb of Prussia or today would be Berlin, Germany. It was for treating dyspepsia, general debility, languor and loss of appetite.

There are three variants of the Fischs and Fish bitters. The first variant is embossed DOCTOR FISCHS BITTERS // W. H. WARE PATENT 1866 with the color of amber being common and clear being very rare.

The second variant is embossed THE FISH BITTERS // W. H. WARE PATENT 1866 with amber being common and aqua, clear, yellow green, yellow olive, lime green and reddish puce as being very rare. The cobalt examples are extremely rare. Below is an amber example.

fish 1

fish 3

The third variant is embossed THE FISH BITTERS // W. H. WARE PATENT 1866. The base on these bottles are embossed W. H. WARE PATENT 1866. The mouth on these examples is offset and come in the colors of amber which is scarce with clear examples being rare and aqua extremely rare.

These fish shape bottle are very collectable and sought after by advanced bottle collectors trying to achieve color runs.

In 1922 the Lilly Company began using four different sizes of fish bottles. A 3 inch sample size bottle, 6 ¼ inch, 8 ½ inch and a 10 inch size. These bottles would hold cod liver oil. The Lilly Company had the Fairmont Glass Company from Indiana produce these bottle for them until 1933.


Bitters Bottle by Carlyn ring & W. C. Ham.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

fish a

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