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Recently I receive a phone call from a gentlemen saying that he was from Kentucky and had two bottles for sale. Well a coarse I was interested and ask what they were. He said that one was a square bitters called Celebrated Eagle Bitters and the other was a green historical flask. I said sure I might be interested in them go ahead and email me some pictures along with the condition. About five minutes later he called me back and asked if I got the email from him. I replied that I would check my mail. While I was waiting for my computer to get to my webmail I started to ask some questions. Where did you get the bottles he replied that he dug them up. How much are you asking he replied 400.00 each but if I would purchase both bottles that I could have them for $300.00 each for a total of $600.00. But he would need me to overnight the money to him telling me that I could go to Walmart and have the money overnighted to him. He said he would overnight me the bottles as soon as he received the money. The excuse was he had an ailing relative he had to go out of state to visit. While asking him questions about the bottle I was checking out the pictures he sent to me. The first red flag was that he said they were dug bottles. These bottles looked to be pro clean and just sparkled. The second red flag was that the pictures looked like they have been photo shopped. The third red flag was that the Eagle Bitters is extremely rare and is valued at $2000 plus. I replied to him that I would be interested in them but that he contacted me so he would have to send me the bottles and then I would overnight him two thousand dollars for both bottles. Letting him know he was selling them to cheap. He said that he would call me back for the details. He never called back. While looking at www.peachridgeglass bottle website several days later I see a post that Fredinand put on his site about the gentleman or better known as the crooked bottle thief. The email was from reginald offutt kentuckycollectibles. Beware of this email address .

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