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Andrew G. Weeks and Warren Bailey Potter were both retail and wholesale druggists in Boston. They formed Weeks & Potter in 1852. They were the proprietors of patent medicines such as Mrs. M. N. Gardner's Indian Balsam of Liverwort & Horehound. These two men also were agents for the companies of Ayer's, Fetridge, Kidder, Osgood and Schench.

By the 1860 they were producing their own products such as Perry's Moth and Freckle Lotion for Chloasmay, Collin's Voltac-Electric Porous Plasters and Sanford's Radical Cure ( for Catarrh), and Potter's liniment External Remedy.

In 1876 Warren Potter registered a trade mark for Cuticura and by 1878 began to manufacture and sell Cuticura. Cuticra is a soap product.

On January 1, 1883 the company's name changed to The Potter Drug & Chemical Company located at 135 and 137 Columbus Ave. Boston, Mass. with Robert White now with the company. White was a long time employee of the Weeks & Potter business who eventually became the president of the company in 1899. White would pass away in 1922.

Below are some proprietor stamps that were issued to the company.

weeke & potter stamp 3.week & potters stamp 4

weeks & potter stamp 5.weeks & potter stamp 6

Below is a wood create or Cuticura.

potter create

potter create 2

Below are some ads from this company.

potter ad 1911...potter ad 1892
From 1911.........................From 1892

Below are photos of their square shape bottle embossed Originated by / Weeks & Potter Boston // The Cuticura System / of Curing / Constitutional Humors. These bottle date roughly from 1871 to 1883.

potter bottle 1

potter bottle 2

potter bottle 3

Below are photos of their square shape bottle embossed Potter Drug & Chemical / Corporation / Boston, Mass. U S A. // The Cuticura System / of Curing / Constitutional Humors. These bottles date from 1883 to sometime around 1902. These bottle come to two sizes 7 ½ in tall and 9 ¼ inches tall.

potter bottle label.potter box. Box courtesy of ebay.

potter bottle 3

potter bottle 4

There also is a Potter Drug & Chemical / Corporation Boston // Cuticura Treatment / for Affections / of the Skin. These bottle are square also and are 9 ½ inches tall.

Other Potter product Cuticura Plaster.

weeks & potter cloth

potter plaster label

Below Week & Potter Laudanum.

week & potter laudanum
Sanford's Radcal Cure was also manufactured by Weeks & Potter.

sanfords radical

Below is a photo of a small tin can of Potter's Cuticura Ointment.

potter cuticura ointment


A. B. & G. C. Magazine, The Medicine Chest Article by Dr. Cannon.

Holcombe 1977

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection. No longer have the bottles.

potter bottle a.potter bottle label a

weeks & potter laudanum 2

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