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A Dr. Norman Owen’s who would start a practice in medicine in Marion, Iowa in 1863 would partner with a Lowell Chamberlian in 1872 who was involved with the drug trade. Lowell Chamberlian & Dr. Norman Owen would form a Company that they would call Owen’s & Chamberlian. Many of there early bottles were embossed O & C on them.

In 1881 Lowell Chamberlian’s brother David and their sister Izanna would buy out Dr. Owen’s shares in the company. The Chamberlian’s would relocated the company to 206 court Ave. Des Moines, Iowa. Now the company would be call Chamberlian & Co. They would become the largest patented medicine company in Iowa.

In 1892 the Chamberlians would incorporate their firm and call it the Chamberlain Medicine Co. By 1900 the firm built a new large plant located at 702 sixth Ave. The company was achieving national distribution and was opening branch offices in South Africa, Australia and Canada. By 1910 Davis would by out his brother Lowell shares in the company.

The bottles that are embossed with O & C are before 1881 and were from Marion, Iowa. Bottles that are embossed Chamberlian & Co. are from 1882 thur 1892. Below are two photos of their Curaco bitters bottle. The first one is a square embossed DR. VON HOPF’S / CURACO BITTERS // CHAMBERLIAN & CO. / DES MOINES, IOWA. and a flask embossed CHAMBERLIAN & CO. / DES MOINES, IOWA // DR. VON. HOPF’S // CURACO BITTERS.


Bottles embossed with Chamberlian Medicine Co. are after 1892 with the exception of the Curaco Bitters. Below are photos of two sizes of their CHAMBERLIAN’S COUGH REMEDY // CHAMBERLIAN MED. CO. // DES MOINES, IA. U.S.A. and also a small size of their CHAMBERLIAN’S / COLIC CHOLERA AND DIARRHOEA REMEDY // CHAMBERLIAN MED. CO. // DES MOINES, IA. U.S.A. and a Chamberlain's Antiseptic Liniment bottle with label.

chamberlin_1.chamberlin label



Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

curacoa a

curaco b..curaco c

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