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schenck family med

As a young man Dr. Joseph H. Schenck suffered from a pulmonic disease. While working in Trenton, N.J. as a tailor he was helped by a concoction of Chamomile, worm-wood, catnip, essence of tansy, hyssop, hops, hoarhound, comfrey, senega, gum arabic, licorice, elecampane, Indian turnip, lemon juice, brandy,and water. In 1836, he named his concoction Pulmonic Syrup, and began to produce it. Among the conditions that it was recommended for was a sore throat.

His Seaweed Tonic with 19.5% alcohol was for treating dyspepsia and was a big hit and would soon make him a very wealthy man. He would have a marble home built at No. 15 North, Sixth Street in Philadelphia. Later on he would turned the business over to his son Joseph Jr to run the company. This gave him time to develop a 300-acre estate and cruise around in his steam yacht.

Below are some Seaweed Tonic ads.

seaweed ad...seaweed ad

Below is a Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup ad.

schenck syrup ad

Schenck's Mandrake Pills which was another early product and was for Consumption. Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup another early product which was an expectorant and was used to relieve the lungs from mucous and matter. Dr Schenck would recommend you use his Seaweed Tonic with his Mandrake Pill. This was so your appetite would be stored to normel. The Mandrake Pills cleanse the stomach, evenwhen the bowels are regular. These medicines were also used for treating dyspepsia and liver complaints. There were many testimonials from people cured from near death illnesses.

All three of these medicine he started producing in 1836. Below is a product wrapper.

schenck wrapper

In his early days Dr. Schenck would advertised that he will be at his office at No. 32 Bond-st., New-York, for consultation and advice, every Tuesday, from 9 A.M. until 3 P.M. His medicines can be obtained there at all times.

schenck's tc5

Demas Barnes & Co. a very well known wholesale drug agents, No. 21 Park Row, for New-York City carried Dr Schenck's products. For more about Demas Barnes & Co. refer to ARTICLE 133:DEMAS BARNES: OWNER OF SEVERAL PROPRIETARY MEDICINE PATENTS.

SCHENCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP was known to prolong life sometimes several months, by keeping the bronchial tubes free from the putrid matter which impedes their functions, when the lungs are too far gone to cure.

J.H. Schenck & Son were still advertising the Syrup in 1942, and it was continued through 1948, by Plough Sales Corp., Memphis, Tenn.

Below are photos of some of these bottles.

seaweed tonic bottle....schenck' syrup bottle 1

Below are photos of his Mandrake Pill box and a trade card.

schenck pill box

schench pill tc 1

schenck pill tc

Below are some trade cards for his Seaweed Tonic.

seaweed tonic tc 6

seaweed tonic tc 7

seaweed tonic tc 8

Below are some trade cards for his Pulmonic Syrup.

schenck syrup tc

Below are some revenue stamps for his products.

schenck stamp 1

schenck stamp 2

scheck stamp 3

schenck stamp 4

schenck stamp 5


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schenck syrup botttle a

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