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mellin's tradecard 1888.Tradecard from 1884.

Justus Von Liebig who was a German scientist is credited for the invention and the first to sell a Infant food. This took place in 1867. His formula was a blend of cow's milk, wheat, flour and malt flour mixed with bicarbonate of potash.

Gustau Mellin from England would modified Liebig's formula and it would become one of the most popular infant foods in the United States. Mellins product was marketed by Theodore Metcalf of Boston. This product would sell for 65 cent a bottle. Around 1880 the agency for Mellins Baby Food was taken over by Thomas Doliber and Thomas T. Goodale. Both were former emplyees from the Metcalf Co. The Doliber-Goodale & Co. was located at 40-43 Central Wharf on Boston's waterfront.

mellin's staff 1893.Mellin's Staff from 1893. (unknown sorce)

This company advertised as the "Only Perfect Substitute for Mothers Milk".

Below is one of the smaller size bottles.

mellin's 1.mellin's 2

mellin's 3

Below are advertisemnets and trade cards for this product.

mellin's food ad .mellin's tradecard 1891. Tradecard from 1891.

mellin's box


Massachusetts Industral Age by Chaim M. Rosenberg 2007.

Frank & Frank Jr. (Wicker) Bottle Collection.

Wood box courtesy of ebay.

mellin's 1a

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