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N. Rheinstrom an immigrant from Germany started a wholesale and retail liquor business in 1876 according to the Cincinnati City Directory. The business was located at 24 Sycamore St. in Cincinnati. The company was very successful and eventually went into the distillery business. The name of his firm was Rheinstrom & Bros. The company would move to 919 Martin St. were they had a very large factory built. The company would offer over fifty different brand of liquors including their Angostura Bark Bitters. Below are two of their Bitters in the shape of a globe. Both of these are common bottles but it's a little tougher to get one with a label. The first bottle is embossed EAGLE LIQUEUR DISTILLERIES // EAGLE / ANGOSTURA BARK BITTERS (base PATENTED FEB. 4 1902). The second bottle still has a label which wraps around the bottle still intact. The label reads the Rheinstrom & Bros. Cincinnati, Ohio and is embossed EAGLE LIQUEUR DISTILLERIES // ANGOSTURA BARK BITTERS (no embossing on base).


There are smaller sizes of these bottles also.

N. Rhienstrom died in 1909. His son James Rhienstrom at the age of eighteen would become the new president of the company. At this time the company was listed as manufacturers of liquors and cordials. 1917 was the last year the company was last listed as a liquor manufacture. By 1918 it was glazing fruits.


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