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Clark Stanley who was from Texas would move to Arizona. For 2 ½ years he would live with the Moki Indians. The Moki Indians would hung rattlesnakes in the sun and let the snake oil drip into containers. In. 1893 Clark Stanley would gather an audience at the Chicago World's Fair . Here he would make the snake oil for all to see. A druggist from Boston became interested in what he seen and would talk Clark to move east. Clark would take the druggist advice and move to Providence, R. I. were he would produce his product.

There are two sizes of this bottle that I know of. One is 4 inched tall and is embossed CLARK STANLEY'S SNAKE OIL LINIMENT // same // same // the other is 6 ½ inches.

Below is the taller size .Its embossed CLARK STANLEY'S / SNAKE OIL LINIMENT // FOR RHEUMATISM / AND NEURALGIA // BEST HORSE LINIMENT IN THE WORLD. The bottle is clear in color.

clark1.clark2.clark3..STANLEY SNAKE OIL LABEL

The U.S. Chemists conclusion on this product was that it did not contain no snake oil, but did contain kerosene, camphor and turps.


Dr. Cannon medicine Chest Article Nov 2008 in the AB&GC.

Frank & Frank Jr.(Wicker) Bottle Collection.

stanley snake a

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